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PROWL CAR by Chris Reynolds. Another world to investigate!

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Prowl Car - Chris Reynolds photo comics

Prowl Car: Utopia
Prowl Car: Utopia: The search for inner space...
It's time to leave your old path and find someone new to follow. (Kindle only)
Prowl Car: Secret Agents JT and JP
Prowl Car: Secret Agents!
 A whole Government Department goes missing. What has become of the new I.R.C. anti-crime unit?
(Prowl Car Secret Agents JT and JP at the Jenny in Stringtown exhibition!)
(Prowl Car: Secret Agents in paperback only)

Electronic Arts of the Prowl Car cover
Electronic Arts of the Prowl Car!
 Dreams of islands, dreams of clouds, dreams of pigs and kidneys, dreams of birds, dreams of closure, dreams of bat-light, dreams of loss, dreams of enchantment, dreams of vans, dreams of eyes, dreams of ships and canals, dreams of high places, and dreams of Massive Savings on Loose Food! (eBook only)

The Prowl car Files
Prowl Car Files: The Prowl Car circles the world looking for dreams – and then it finds them!
Secluded memories of the past emerge into the day as we drive. It's a mystery as deep as anything you have ever seen – and as inexplicable.
Real photo stories from cartoonist Chris Reynolds of Mauretania Comics ... The Prowl Car Files! (eBook only)

Prowl Car: Academy
Strangely-empty streets are filled with life at the Prowl Car Academy
Our course at Prowl Car Academy begins with a departure for “Scalene.” “Get Out of the Cab” loses interest in taxis ... then what's this we see “Through Trees?” It can just about be described as a “Hill.” Our fifth story is “The Third,” then we are taught how to read between the “Lines.” There is a mystery of “Two” before “Wings” make us free. They lose patience with us in “Next.” Why their training methods are now “Wrong.” A shadow on the face of the world in “The Framework of Cups.” leads to a “Short Cut” in learning. We have an idea that might or might not be great in “The Landscape of Air” before a filming day in “Newcastle.” “Wakey,” Don't fall asleep in class! Looking for “Moon Queen and The Bee.” Adventures in artwork in “Actaeon.” We see charitable impulses at work in “Bikes.” Then it's some kind of political thriller, right there in the daytime, in “Rougier.” We see the “Best” life, and finally we come upon the “Secret!” Mature work from cartoonist Chris Reynolds. (paperback only)

Prowl Car: Power and Control
Prowl Car: Power And Control
All-new stories all about dreams and the future! In “The Power of Dreams” we feel the sense of a shape. Explore a real prophecy in “Get Ready For Lindy-Lee.” “No Shocks” has a way to avoid sudden grief. Find forgiveness in “Giant Waterfalls.” There's no chance you will, but “Don't Call Me Yesterday.” We consider our position in ”More Stories.” In “The Golden Age” we remember an old tale. “Not Taken” meets the limits of agreement. “Fumph” feels the air in the summer. We revisit the renowned geometricist in “Doctor Scalene.” In “Time To Forget” we remember something. “Among Cemetery fields” we find … love? In “Universal Expansion” we shrink. On the “Prowl Bus” we waste too much time on a memory. In “Snowmen” we catch up with the aliens. “Sirens” takes us deep into the country. In “Stones of the Supermen” we explore the trees. Say hello to “A Little Bit of Goodbye.” We sense the atmosphere of “Heavy Traffic.” The “Sea Drain” exposes our wealth. We wig-out in “Hands.” “The Covered Way” takes us to London. Who really controls the world in “Apart”? Their final case in “Cinema Detectives.” Things are nested in “Lies.” Find out how you fit in ... in “The Different Conformities.” Leave the house now in “The Stew.” It's lunch in the rain in “Human.” Discover Doctor Scalene's new invention in “Spinner.” Scalene continues in “Bricks Without Straw.” Find out what is “Stronger Than Magic.” Experience “Liquid Light.” Take a little trip to the “Top of the Town.” And finally, meet “The Control Men.” (paperback only)

Prowl Car
The PROWL CAR roams the streets
Is this reality or is it a dream? We explore an area of southern England during the start of the Coronavirus epidemic of 2020. We explore the streets and we explore our own minds and memories. Who knows what we’ll see next from the windows of the PROWL CAR ? (paperback only)

NOW - Prowl Car International !
Prowl Car International. Prowl Car Kuala Lumpur
Prowl Car International - Kuala Lumpur
The Prowl Car visits Malaysia! A digest of Twenty-Eight Prowl Car stories, many completely re-imagined for Kuala Lumpur. We are the 28: “Power of Dreams,” “No Shocks,” “Not Taken,” “Human,” “Heavy Traffic,” “Giant Waterfalls,” “They Control Us,” “Liquid Light,” “Hands,” “The Framework of Cups,” “New Land,” “Old Trees,” “Dream Car,” “Tell Him,” “Memories,” “Old World,” “New Growth,” “Real Wife,” “Run Home,” “Bequest,” “Pulse,” “Spinner,” “Stronger than Magic,” “The Tree,” “Time to Forget,” “Top of the Town,” “Through Trees,” and “Wings.” Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. World Book Capital 2020. (paperback only)

Prowl Car D.M.I.C. Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Ghost Ship
Prowl Car International. Prowl Car Kuala Lumpur
“Prowl Car D.M.I.C. Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Ghost Ship”
Dream stories from Prowl Car International (paperback only)

You've moved on to doing photo-comics in a big way.

Chris: Yes, I've been interested in films since the days of Super 8. I tried various experiments with Super 8 and I'm finding the same interest in doing photo-comics. The images can have the same kind of blurred, crushed-black, old-world feel as old movies, and – due to the nature of these stories which are about dreams and buildings and environments – I have not found it necessary to always put characters in the pictures. The characters and their interactions live in the captions, in the manner of a traditional text-only story or novel.

Federico: That sounds an interesting development.

Chris: It is, particularly for me and the kind of storytelling that I'm interested in. Also, the photographic images create a kind of relentless verisimilitude which means I can go quite a long way into abstraction with the words while the images provide an anchor to the real world.


Prowl Car Museum
Prowl Car Museum!

KCRW radio interview with author Chris Reynolds
KCRW Organist Podcast
KCRW radio Podcast
Chris Reynolds speaks with novelist and critic Ed Park

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